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A brand new trend has emerged at Matthew Corp, and it seems that now they are adding new content to there older games. Maybe its a way to get some of the old games popularity back?

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With the release of Thug- Zone's 11,12,13- one must be wondering... Did they really just release an add-on for a game that old? And wasnt Thug there first game ever? So why on earth would they want to add more to there oldest game! Well im the president of the company so i can tell you the official answer! We made the add-on for the fans! You know, the ones who play through Thug every once in a while because its a classic. Now we realize they are fans that dont play it anymore, and thats fine, this Add-on is also for you! Its there to bring back memories, of the old game, and to get you hyped up for Thug 3! So why not go and have some nostalgic fun? I know i will, but what about you?

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