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S2 ENGINE HD is a complete general-purpose software kit for developing and running videogames or other virtual-reality applications such as architectural walkthrough, physical simulations, etc... From single users to architects, from indie teams to semi-professional or professional game teams, all can take advantage from S2Engine HD technology power for producing games, serious games, architectural walk-throughs, realtime animated sequences, simulations and so on...

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t's very hard for small developers or indie developers to create entire cities in short time with minimal efforts.
S2 Building Generator is designed for just solving this problem.
Building geometry is procedurally generated and optimized for high number of draw calls at the same time.
In few clicks you can create very pleasant 3d building models.
Building are generated for easily supporting night & day cycle via GameMachine.
A wide range of buildings are possible: Scyscrapers, residential houses, Historical buildings.
Every feature of the building is customizable: number of floors, type of windows and doors, balconies and procedural geometry of windows, doors and roofs.
Generated buildings are just like other meshes so Automatic ambient ocllusion generation can be applied.
Additional UV texture map channel is generated for Material layers painting.
Different parts of same building can be created apart and then connected into the scene viewport for producing complex buildings.
In conclusion S2 BuildingGenerator is a "Must Have" plug-in for all who want to create quality buildings and fill thier game environments without efforts and in short time.

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