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S2 ENGINE HD is a complete general-purpose software kit for developing and running videogames or other virtual-reality applications such as architectural walkthrough, physical simulations, etc... From single users to architects, from indie teams to semi-professional or professional game teams, all can take advantage from S2Engine HD technology power for producing games, serious games, architectural walk-throughs, realtime animated sequences, simulations and so on...

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What i like in this engine is the graphic (it's like Cry engine) , price
and the editor , at the end i would say this is the best game engine i ever seen XD .

This engine is awesome. It is really powerful. But it still has a way to go. And some of the stuff to develop for it. Is kind of taxing. And hard to deploy. I am currently waiting for it to grow a little more. Before really jumping into it. And developing for it.

Either way I highly reconmend it.


The interface it's not the strong point but it's ok, particles are bad optimized and consumes so much resources.

Good light rendering, also the shadows are pretty good, blender import it's relatively easy.

cool engine


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