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Realm Crafter Community Edition is a continuation of development of SolStar Games’ Realm Crafter Standard. It comes packaged with every tool you would need to build a beautiful MMO with zero programming.

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rockinraymond says

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Pretty good for a novice like me, and miles ahead of what Realm Crafter Used to be, It still uses some archaic systems, but the ease of use and economical price make this the perfect engine for a hobbyist, and small commercial projects.


Lyronn says

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This is everything Realm Crafter Standard should have been! The engine is perfect for anyone wanting to make an MMO in my opinion. Yes it doesn't have next gen graphics and there are a few bugs (which are being fixed) but the fact that it's so easy to use and building a game on there is much faster than most other engines, i'd say the $95 is well worth it!



giuliani says

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