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What is PA?
Project Angels is a 2D side-scrolling online role playing game engine (ORPG engine)


I will try to make optimized bug-free engine so all ppl can make nice orpg whit vb6 or not also i will going to add all features for nice gameplay and nice 2d Side-Scrolling ORPG game..
Eent System (tnx to JC)
Autotiles System
Quest System
Projectiles System
FMod System
Friend System
Jump Hig System
Weather System
Projectile Spell System
some other features....

You can download Engine Here: Sidescrollorpgengine.tk

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Chage Log:

Add Projectile Type Spell
Add some chages to chatbox
Resized Screen
litl bug fixs

Projectile Spell

Forum: www.sidescrollorpgengine.tk

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