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GEM 2 is the latest middleware from the Ukrainian game developers Best Way. Their engine is already well known in Eastern Europe and multiple titles were developed with it. The engine can be licensed through us for the West, aswell as support for the included tools in English and German. Improvements to the engine are being implemented on an on going basis.

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its a tool i use alot

Very flexible RTS engine



The GEM engine is the best RTS engine ever. It does everything. From WW2, to modern, to Star Wars, to WH40K. It's awesome.


Ank66 says

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One of the best engine in the world! Much can be done with it and much improvements should be made for it.


It's okay



I simply enjoy playing my own missions in GEM Editor.

The Engine allows for so much, yes there is much that still needs to be sorted however the possibilities allow for extremely immersive RTS battles and good multiplayer capabilities. Over at Red Rising it is a pleasure to work with.

I feel like a kid again. no jking >:D