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In development since 2011, Frostbite 3 is an improvement of Frostbite 2 and will debut with Battlefield 4 in 2013. It only supports DirectX 11 on PCs. It also features in-game destruction with Destruction 4.0 which upgraded from Destruction 3.0, and it features an entirely new tessellation technology. Frostbite 3 is described by DICE as an upgraded version of its existing Frostbite 2 engine, designed to create a "dynamic, human and believable experience" and allow for improved animations, destruction and AI.

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Frostbite 3 is designed to take modding out of our hands, even more than its previous versions. No mods means total dependance on the developers for new content. DICE, don't forget that it was a mod, Desert Combat, that drew the attention of gamers to your team. Now you have betrayed us. Shame on you.

I hate this Engine now
Only laggs and bugs in singleplayer
Locked like cigarette to a smoker
Whats the problem DICE?
Dont have enought money?
Better say that CoD rock than buy ur games!

Once upon a time,there was our friend Refractor 2.
It was a simple engine,with its own capabilities and content.
Though unforgiveable in editing its content,it supported modifications,later a bettter version coming out fixing this (2142 Refractor 2).
As time passed,its successor Frostbite had completely killed this relationship.
Everything is locked in unknown type of files,like a Prison for content,only being accessible with cracks and user-made programs.Modding is being murdered right in front of us,not even able to change a single line or photo of the game.

Now you might ask yourself,why you are being hated so much DICE?
You already have the answer from community.

Just because of fixed engine in Battlefield Hardline


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Offtopic Review for a Game Engine.

Outdated garbage since 2013 resuscitated every single time with a new release done by EA, and DICE.
In my personal opinion, this engine is awful, it can give good looking graphics like Battlefield 1, but never forget the travesty seen on Battlefield 4 release.


The games look fantastic, especacially with RTX on!

They took the same engine and just added some "features" in it
Did you knew that CryEngine is now more better at image quality?
You still dont give us modtools,now for 3 years since Battlefield 3
Im out of here pals

Im really dissapointed


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