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This will make time flow faster on the world map. Realistic slower travel speeds will feel as fast as vanilla speeds to the player, because time will be passing faster. This is an optional add-on--you need to install a realistic speed version first.

VC Balance Mod 12.0 Optional add on make time flow faster
Tim@HoodedHorse Author

Note that this is in essence a cosmetic change--it makes game time flow faster relative to the real world, in other words it basically just runs the game faster. You can always do this to any warband mod by the way, you just need to change the timescale in module.ini to however fast or slow you like.

Hooded Horse, my indie game studio: Hoodedhorse.com

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Does the setting affect the in battle (and town, village, etc.) speed as well? I've tried it, and I would say the combat is faster, but not twice as fast, so maybe it's autosuggestion.

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Tim@HoodedHorse Author

Nope, it only affects how time flows when moving an army on the world map--no effect on battles or settlement scenes.

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