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2.2 brings elite monsters, elite items, and a few new classes, as well as a series of balance changes and bug fixes.

Through v2.2 WINDOWS
porousnapkin Author

WARNING! There's a game breaking bug that generates infinity XP in the windows version when fighting elite enemies!!! I will try and get it fixed later today. In the mean time, please play the web version instead! Sorry about that.

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porousnapkin Author

This bug should now be fixed. Please comment here or message me if you're still having problems.

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you have made the game way too easy, and way to buggy.
first: fire trap wands create firs that last forever. and i mean FOREVER. going down stairs doesnt get rid of them, beating the game doesnt get rid of them,, and eventually the map is covered in fire.
second: elites make the game to easy. insane mode now is a walk in the park for witches, and easy for any other class. as a witch, you spin one elite item into infinite wands of blow everything up. with a melee, you put every point into strength and spin your elites into power scrolls. then eat the power scrolls.
you must do three things to fix this game in my opinion.
1. fix the graghical bug. if it helps, it also happens randomly with items you leave on the ground.
2. make elites harder. make every encounter with an elite a battle to the death. make them harder to kill with wands, like they take half damage from them or something
3. elite items should be impossible to obtain from crafting. crafting elite items should be just like any other item. that way the witch doesnt blow up literally everything while generating infinite power scrolls from the ashes. i ended i game with over 100 int. on insane mode.
4. or, if you dont like number 3, require 2 elites to be used to make 1 elite. that way the witch cannot net gain elites.
in addition, i suggest you diversify your elites. and remove the power scrolls or nerf them. i suggest making them always give 3 stat points. that way they dont overshadow the monk.

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porousnapkin Author

Hi Ersan, I think a lot of these suggestions are sound and I'll try and address them going forward. I just did a hotfix to address the more egregious ones.

Power Scrolls now scale based on player LEVEL rather than an attribute. The goal is to force the decision to whether to wait late in the game for a higher benefit or consume immediately, but there are too many factors that affect the players attributes that make it heavily abusable. Thanks for pointing that out.

Also now if a witch alchemizes with an elite item, the elite item will ALWAYS be consumed (if one of the items survives, it's always the non-elite item). Your concerns about the power growth of witches are totally valid and something I'll try and address more in a later patch. I'm thinking something with magic resistance on certain mid and late game enemies to make them more dangerous right now.

Finally, I fixed the fire trap wand effect to be deleted on floor ends. Tell me if you still think it's overpowered. The negative of it is supposed to be that it also hurts the player, the benefit is that it lasts for as long as you're on the floor.

These changes are already in affect in the webversion and I'll put them into the windows and mac version shortly (but it usually takes a day or two for the download approval process).

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i realized my earlier comment is a little harsh. i want to make it clear that i love the new update, and love how you are still expanding the game. i also tried the new classes, and think they are pretty cool, but the witch needs to get nerfed.

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thanks for fixing it.
i never thought the fire trap wand was overpowered. in my opinion it is weaker then both of the witches best non elite wands, the fire and poison ones. this is a good thing, because it makes it harder for the witch to accumulate lots of poison wands.
going forward i would suggest basically a stat redo of the races. vampires are far too weak with the removal of the hunger system.
next i would suggest a scaling of melee weapons based on the floor they were created on. this gives melee a fighting chance against the really tough enemies.
finnally i would suggest a buffing of scrolls. theoretically a scroll should do as much in one use as about 2.5 uses of wand, because wands get 3 uses and can be recombined into new items. the power scroll is now good as it is, but the rest of the scrolls are actually too weak, which in turn makes the scholar very weak.

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other suggestions:
the dualist is an interesting class but cannot compete with the monk as a melee fighter, and cannot compete with the witch in magic. allow his intelligence to also contribute to his dodge score, and he will be more balanced.
the scholar will be a fantastic class once scrolls are balanced to be more powerful.
also, if bows were more powerful than the dualist and the archer would become much more playable.

as far as enemy balance goes, one of the major reason wands are so much more powerful than melee is because of magic enemies. melee fighters simply cannot fight large quantities of them due to their ability to auto hit while hiding behind melee enemies. remove thier auto hit. make their hit chance very high, but reducable by strength.

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