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TDED is a survival game with a psychological-thriller twist, where you wake up as the only human on Earth. No zombie apocalypse, no giant meteor strike, everyone simply disappeared. Except you. Discover your path to survival in this new world. How will you survive, eat, drink, and shelter yourself? Will you raid the local supermarkets for lifetime supplies of non-perishable goods or build a farm for sustainable crop & livestock growth? Will you steal the fastest car and live in Bill Murray's mansion or live more practically as fuel begins to expire and electricity fails within the first week. TDED is about surviving in a world no longer governed by societal boundaries. There is no one right solution. The goal is simple : survive one year. The longer you survive, the more you will unravel about the reason for your solidarity. Oh, and one more thing. Without humanity's presence, Nature returns to claim what is hers. If she doesn't get to you, your own sanity just might.

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