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A short basketball themed physics puzzler. Get the ball into the basket all by yourself by dragging and dropping the black rectangle with your mouse. Press the SPACE bar to set the ball in motion. Press SPACE again to reset it or to advance to the next level once beaten. Hit the LEFT ARROW key to go back to the previous level once beaten and the ESC. key closes the game. I am hoping to expand on this game much more but here are 10 simple levels to play with for now. Thanks for checking it out! UPDATE: Free Mode and Around the World Mode have been added. In Free Mode simply play through the levels at you leisure. Use the LEFT/RIGHT ARROW keys to skip ahead or play any level over and over again. Around the World Mode gives you 3 shots to complete each level. Start from level 1 and try to clear all 20 consecutively.. Failure to clear any level sends you back to the beginning. You can activate this mode at any point by pressing the A key.

Super Lonely Basketball Simulator
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