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This version introduces music to the game along with some smaller fixes. Please try and tell what you think.

Sands of Myth demo v003
TRYER - - 1 comments

Hey thanks for the demo. Not the best or worse game. Got stuck and had to reload between the spear pick up and the first enemy (to the left on the rock wall there is a spot with a colored dot that if you climb, you get stuck).
From the screeny I though this game would be a point and click adventure. Kind of like my favs Myst and Rhem. I think the game would be alot better if it was that type of game. GL with the rest of it.

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Scurvy_Lobster Author
Scurvy_Lobster - - 81 comments

Hi TRYER! Thanks for your feedback. There is a rare bug that makes you stuck and it's sad to hear you experienced it. Pressing 'c' ingame solves it but it's not an ideal solution.
The game is a first person action experience but soon the story will also be implemented and this should give all you explorers a bit more fun :)


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