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Renegade X: Black Dawn (UDK) - a free indie short singleplayer campaign, available now. Multiplayer not included. Be sure to keep up with Renegade X for more news on the upcoming full release. This is first Renegade X standalone game powered by Epic Game's Unreal Development Kit.

Renegade X: Black Dawn (UDK) - Part 1
Metalloid - - 373 comments

This looks magnificent!

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Metalloid - - 373 comments

Incredible detail

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Tiederian - - 48 comments

Woah, I can't wait to give this a try! Looks lethal

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portalmaniack - - 16 comments

I just played it, its awsome!

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Arkanium - - 312 comments

Loads of detail, really fun to play, but far too blinding with the tracer and muzzle flash brightness on most weapons. On the mission in which you defend the MRLS which are stationary, I foolishly tried to use the chaingun. The horrific eye-burning properties of this weapon combined with my allies' fire meant I was firing blind, with only the box outlining hostile targets to use to aim. It was like receiving a semi-continuous barrage of flash-bangs. PLEASE reduce the brightness on the muzzle flash and tracer rounds, or I may not be able to play multiplayer.

Also, there were a few odd bugs left. The tank mission to defend the MRLS would respawn me when I died at the starting point of the Medium Tank, with no tank, no HUD, no MRLS and no enemies. On the same mission, one MRLS decided to drive off in a random direction near the start, and never actually made it to the destination point even though I won the mission. In the next mission, hostile infantry that made it past the GDI firing line decided to go home up the hill and be family men instead of attacking. When a Humvee is blown up in a cinematic sequence, two GDI soldiers next to it were blasted backwards but flew through the air standing upright and landed unharmed. The mission to storm the Hand of Nod had many GDI vehicles being owned by Nod until you enter the Mammoth Tank, complete with red radar pips.

Possibly because it was night, I found it very hard to distinguish between GDI and Nod infantry and the different types of infantry without the targeting box.

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scorpeus - - 13 comments

Looks nice cuz of Unreal Engine 3 and nothing more the original C&C Renegade is far better and doesn't have so many bugs like this game has.

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Guest - - 692,890 comments


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trynu78 - - 4 comments

just beautiful

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red3000 - - 87 comments

how do you make it work

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DoMiNaNt_HuNtEr - - 551 comments

Yah how do u make this work? Is it totally standalone, or do I need UT3?

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ripamoramee1 - - 83 comments

Please work with Starscream-Riki Studios (Site: www.xfire.com/clans/acsts ). We need such developers.

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Numrollen - - 6 comments

Wow. Will this come with a coop mode for lan play? We make a LAN in March with my old friends, this would be soo awesome cause we loved c&c renegate ;)

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Mcsquizzy440 - - 45 comments

Can we have mirrors for this, because moddb is running agonizingly slow lately.

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Guest - - 692,890 comments

This file is corrupted. I downloaded it and tried to unzip. but everytime I try it says data error: file corruption. Anyone else having this kind of trouble with it. I am using 7zip and normally 7zip works just fine for me.

can anyone use this file, please post and let us know if you can unzip the file and install the program or if you have the same trouble as me and the file is corrupted. Thanks

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RevanDenton - - 4 comments

Sdly, for me, PArt 2, doesnt work either. 7zip crashes on me :(

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muhammadalimac009 - - 7 comments

Use win.rar bud that should fix the problem

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Guest - - 692,890 comments


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