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This version is NOT OVERCHARGED game. Early first prototype, which has zero relationship with the modern Overcharged. I highly recommend you avoid this version. Lots of bugs, runs very slowly because not optimised at all, but that's a progress. Be sure, that you have a good PC, coz most users got 3-10 fps.

First prototype. 2011. NOT OVERCHARGED DEMO!
M@DoX - - 406 comments

I'm sorry guys, but the installation faild.

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Pirog Author
Pirog - - 223 comments

there was no problems with others \=

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M@DoX - - 406 comments

Installation Fail!

Extracting all files failed with the exeption:

Ionic.zip.BadCrcExeption: CRC error.: the file being extracted appears to be corrupt.Expected 0xE1206DD1, Actual 0x8170742E........

This is my error when i try to install the game.

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Ian50028 - - 572 comments

IT WORKED FOR ME, but it didn´t run really well, but it´s awesome your work guys keep ON IT

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Backdraft_3.5 - - 151 comments

Please Dont Download It This Is Shooter Game Not A Racing Game!

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kenz3001 - - 48 comments

its an alpha and as such we used the stock UDK DM game mode you can use E to get in the car for now

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wakerzeco - - 1 comments

Link is not working, tried for two days in a row.
I've been looking forward to play this for so long.
I've been a 'suporter' since day one :)

I love this game and I still play it till today on RV House I wish more people could help with the development. Sadly I can't help with anything except maybe translating it in the future :p

Anyways, try to fix the download link or something I really want to play
the game.

Keep up the good work ;)

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