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I've suffered a catastrophic computer failure on the Old Town work machine. While I have data back-ups, I'll be unable to meet my personal demo deadlines. That's no reason for you guys to suffer! So I'm releasing the current build as a Pre-Demo! What's different, a few bugs, still some placeholder art and content. However, it's still a fully featured, heavily tested demo. Download and enjoy! Updated will be coming.

Old Town Pre-Demo Alpha
Executor-64- - - 1,288 comments

this should be inturesting :D :D

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EvilAngel - - 600 comments

One thing, is there any way I can change the graphics settings? its stuck on 800x600 or what ever it is would putting -1600x900 before the shortcut work?

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ChrisHolden Author
ChrisHolden - - 12 comments

This early version there isn't an in-game option for resolution. It can be adjusted via an INI file.

In your Old Town directory, UDKGame/Config/DefaultEngineUDK.ini If you open this file (notepad works), and scroll down about halfway to [SystemSettings]. There's a ResX and ResY where you can plug in the resolusion you want (be sure to stick to standards). The ini file is read-only, so you'll have to uncheck that before saving.

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KirigayaKazuto - - 6 comments

can you release the source file plz im counting on it to make a game off course you will have a credit

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demen2010 - - 12 comments

the game isn't optimised i have good pc but i have only 7 fps arf i will wait for the beta

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