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VERSION 0.6 (bug fixes and updates) Have you ever forgotten where you put your underground laboratory? Do you ever get back pains when running from an angry tiger? Or have you ever felt the urge to terrorise the jungle with your band of monkey minions?

Noah's Jungle Installer v0.6
thunderising - - 981 comments

Listen, work on the grapihcs, I think u can do lot more on the quality. Wait up a little, woo everyone with good in-game screenies, let the word spread, by that time get your game ready and release a complete version.

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Laws - - 12 comments

Thanks thunderising for the encouragement :)

Noah's Jungle is a student project, which might explain why it doesn't have top of the line graphics. We only get so long to work on it and aren't able to work on it full time.

But we'll definitely be working on improving the graphics if we decide to take it further.

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nextos - - 6 comments

nah **** that

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