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MineIds is a practical program, with which one can see to the Item and Block ids out minecraft.

MineIds Stably
TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments

OSX... *Blank stare*

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Shaverea - - 25 comments

Sorry to say but this is useless, you can just use the browser one. It´s mutch better and "faster" when i compare it to yours. Faster meaning that i can find the values faster. If you compare so will you se it...

And OSX... Really

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SIGILL - - 1,157 comments

Like someone commented at a previous version/download of this program: it's very useful if it also lists custom blocks from mods.

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HammBoyTheDestroyer - - 656 comments

Nothing wrong with OSX. People should use whatever OS works best for them. I personally like to switch between OSX and Windows 7. I would, however, agree with the comments regarding the actual download.

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Zukuni - - 9 comments

E EM toomanyitems, this is all.

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TrashCan-Man23 - - 683 comments

You can also see the block ID's over on Planet Minecraft, and I'm sure there's quite a few other sites with the list posted as well.

Also, one could just save the webpage to their hard drive for instant access, aside from bookmarking the page in their browser.

So, sorry to be a buzz kill, but you pretty much did this for nothing.

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