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Small tech demo showing some basic game mechanics.

LBA Remake: Tech Demo 1

Good job!

Is the demo 64bit only?

Tested on Ubuntu with PlayOnLinux/64bit WINE with default settings.
The framerates are OK.

I was expecting a LBA/LBA2 type movement so it took a while to get comfortable.

One thing to consider is how the view is manipulated.
When being this free with the camera, you usually expect full axis control, not X-Y only and it gets tougher locked at a 45 (guess) degree angle with a fixed distance.
Movement relative to the (pretty dynamic) camera doesn't help either.

I would either stick with classic LBA controls or a new approach closer to modern 3rd person games, but, that's just my opinion.

The next issue is the player-world interaction. If I run into a wall, I can't simply start turning without canceling the movement, the player gets stuck in place whilst animating.
What I need to do is stop all movement until the animation stops as well and then move away from the surface which blocks the player.
This could be due to the fact I haven't really tweaked the game under Linux.

Anyway, I like where this is headed and can't wait to try out more.

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angelus_da Author


Yes I only support 64 bit version. About movement I agree that right now it's pretty bad. But this is my starting point and for next 1-2 months I will be almost exclusively work on improving this situation. But still in indoors you will have top down camera.

I also know this interaction issue and this is one of things I need to fix. So don't worry it's not Linux fault.

Thanks:) glad that you like it. Next update should be in 1-3 months and should contain a lot of fixes and improvements. I will also expand this testing area so you shouldn't be really bored.

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angelus_da Author

I updated installer with:
* quick fix to interaction issue
* unlocked 3rd person view.

Have fun:)

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Tested it.

Some more thoughts, I hope you don't mind. :)

You will need tight controls for the platforming. Right now camera is all over the place.
Since you're going for full 3D, consider the classic 3rd person gameplay seen in most modern games. Alternately, go for LBA2 controls.

I see you're optimizing the game for an xbox controller but keep keyboard/mouse players in mind, too.
For an example, when you're in the inventory the game suggests "B" to exit but which keyboard key is that?

I know it's an early preview but it looks great so far! Keep it up!

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angelus_da Author

Of course I don't mind :D I'm happy that you pointing out all issue so I can fix them.

I fully agree I need to put more thoughts into mouse & keyboard control. This will be part of changes I working on right now.

I also didn't wanted to delay release because of UI. What you see was done as prototype and polished a little bit before release but still missing mouse support in menu and mouse & keyboard tips. But we will get there and even further... slowly :)

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Pretty cool :) I've played it a bit but controls are quite hard (especially in running mode). It's hard to carefully tap the forward key to get closer to a ledge. It's easier in walking mode though.

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angelus_da Author

Hi :) I will try to take this into account when I will be improving movements.

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