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This is the Windows installer for the version of Knife That Guy that I made during my Game a Month challenge. It is what I am going to be expanding upon for the full future release of Knife That Guy.

Knife That Guy: Game a Month Edition

Awesome!! I ******* love it!! :D
Check out the youtube: h t t p s :/ /w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=4b_K5CGFPho
(sorry i had to space out the url it wont let me put them in yet lol)

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FlyoverGames Author

Glad you liked it, man. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I don't check this page as often as I should. Knife That Guy has been released on Android and I am thinking about making an updated version for PC/Mac. I would be happy to give you an early build if you could make another video about it.

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That would be awesome. My partner and I could upload each time a new update of the game is released. We aren't all that big now but we will do whatever it takes to help you out. It is a great game!

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