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This is an older release: You probably want to download the latest version 3.4 instead.

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 3.3)

Thx for the christmas gift

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Hey, just wanted to pop in and say I really enjoy this wonderful game you have made, lso was curious about what is new in version 3.3

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Cruiser1 Author

Glad you like it! :) Version 3.3 doesn't have many visible changes to the Hunger Games Simulation itself. The underlying Daedalus engine was updated, and as a result so was this game. There are however a few minor game improvements you may notice, such as:

Status line will indicate max hp and max food available in addition to current, if the max has been customized to be different from the default.

Turning on textures (Ctrl+F12 or "_" hotkey) will give a warning about no textures available if none of the files are present.

Fixed bug about tributes not responding to feast announcements properly (usually they would always come, and non-Careers would never decide to ignore it).

Fixed misspelling of "Cornucopia" in the feast announcement, which apparently nobody noticed and has been in the game since before version 3.0. Seriously, see this screenshot: Indiedb.com ;)

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