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Version for testing, feel free to suggest your improvements. I'm just starting. Place the mod in your "custom_stories" folder and run the game.

House Incident v1.0

This is another Jokemod folks...
Too lazy to add terrain?? really... then at least Dónt write that there!
lost my key behind a collideble tree, confidient ...
Some special liquid vodka that need to be in a (non existend) fridge??
Why bother upload this crap?
I wont rate it even, cause i woukd rate this -5 im sorry!
Not even being able to complete this glitchy unplayable *******

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LivajO Author

Ahh I was using custom entities that weren't in the custom folder, my bad. That was stupid I admit, I don't know how I could forget about that.

Also this is just a sketch so far that I uploaded. I tried to create as many basic scripts as possible to find any bugs so thanks for your report. I've already added some terrain and a path with trees outside, and fixed trash ceilings as well. Also lighting is better.

It's not out yet because I don't want to annoy people with my mod appearing at the very top of Amnesia mods after every minor change, but I assure It's getting better :)

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