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Latest release playable to the end of the Tournament Saga (Episode 28 / Chapter 54).

Dragon Ball RPG - v0.2 (2022-08)

Minds well put this here since I thought it'd be important to put it under the download file; When doing the Botnapped quest, the game locks you out of doing anything else once you defeat the Robot. It freezes after the lady walks down. Don't know if there was an eventing error or something, but it's done this every time and I've tried everything I can think of to fix it on my end but found no success. This was the only bug I've found thus far though, amazing job! :) <3

Edit: Similarly, after beating Jackie Chun as Yamcha the game just freezes and doesn't continue. Tried a few times and couldn't get around the freeze. Great game and I look forward to watching the updates and continue to play it as time goes by!

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JoshGHz Author

Hi, sorry! Didn't see this!

I came across the Botnapped error (haven't encountered the Yamcha one); that is fixed in v0.3 which is out now! I have playtested from the very start and tweaked some movement routes, so hopefully these won't be encountered again.


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