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Here is the second demo created for Cube: Defender of the Polyverse. This demo demonstrates some more of the game mechanics, as well as building onto the first level: Level Purple. This build also has a main menu, and new quit feature. There are a couple known bugs such as: Lighting flickers Lighting not working properly Sometimes Twitchy Camera Angles However, if you find a bug, please report it in the forums bug tab on our page. This demo does not show off this as the final level, nor final product; as more work is continuously being done. This is a mere taste of the game...

Cube Demo 12/4/12
Sheath9 Author
Sheath9 - - 11 comments

Alright, I have been informed about a downloading problem, for downloading the Cube Demo.

For those who DO NOT have accounts, the game may not download (for reasons I do not know), and will give you some sort of error.

For now, all I can say is that we are trying to fix the problem as fast as possible to allow you to download the demo(s). We are going to try and put the download link up on the site, since that might work better for the people who do not have INDIEDB/MODDB accounts.

Please, enjoy the video and other screenshots that we currently have (as more will come shortly), and there will be an update stating when we fix the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience...

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Guest - - 688,951 comments

Tried it. Looking good so far but there's some umm, issues that I want to address that will hopefully be resolved as development continues.

First off, the camera. The camera was a major pain in the butt to work with. The way it shifts around so much is disorienting, and more often than not I got stuck simply because I couldn't figure out where the heck I was or pressed the wrong button and fell off a platform because I couldn't work out which way was forward. Some method of manually orienting the camera would be a nice way to rectify this.

Second is how Cube seems to just blend in with the environment too well at times, which makes figuring out where you are even more frustrating. Plus, ya know, some place called Level Purple could use a little more...uhh, purple.

Well, here's to hoping everything gets ironed out in my neighborhood dimension (soooooooooooooooooooon...), because this is fun that deserves to not be halted.


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Sheath9 Author
Sheath9 - - 11 comments

Thank you for the insightful criticism on the game. It's good to know that even though there were some problems with the demo, you were still able to enjoy the overall feel of the game. However, I am sorry for the problems that you had encountered while playing (remember, it was a very early demo of the game).

I would like to let you know though (and anyone else who reads this), that the demo was released at a very early state, and these problems have been known since then, and have been worked on to fix and improve the problems players were experiencing. Since the team really wanted to have the camera be a main point in the game (centered around helping the player guide Cube easier, not hurting the player) it has been heavily worked on since then. There are known lighting issues within the game editor that conflict with the way the game currently is set, and the team is working on fixing the problem.

Thank you again for posting on here, telling us your concerns about the game; it really makes us feel good that the community wants to help us make this a successful game. Now remember, if you still liked the game when it was buggy before, then you'll definitely like the newer version of the game, fixing these problems.

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pschundy2 - - 1 comments

Is this game still in the process of being created? I stumbled upon the video and thought it wasn't an actual game but now I'm really excited.

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Ofihombre - - 392 comments

With the soundtrack would be a marvel of simplicity, but as you left incomplete when jumping from the target cube and just ascended into the sky, and leave in a dark blue void to infinity and beyond.

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FragrantGC - - 7 comments

too bad i don't have a windows gaming machine

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Guest - - 688,951 comments

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