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This is an obsolete manual that goes hand in hand with an old version of the game. It's here for reference only. This is the same manual that will be included in the installer of APB-Beta, well almost. This downloadable version has two updated images, nothing big really. We've decided to release it early so people can get their hands on it and pour over the descriptions and details. Also so new members can take a peek at it and understand what to do while they wait for APB beta to download. To run it simply extract the contents of the .rar to your desired location, then double click the 'manual.html' file included in the main folder. It's best viewed in Firefox version or above. It *should* work in all browsers, if not get a better one. The Manual was written and compiled by Ryan3k, Images by The_Aces_of_Razgriz and drunkill. Enjoy.

Obsolete - APB-Beta Field Manual
teh_spy - - 453 comments

lol ^^

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Bagahnoodles - - 160 comments

lol 2nd post :D

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GeneralCamo - - 84 comments

Ha ha third

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