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Alien Outrun is a retro styled twin stick shooter developed by a team of three students for a school project.

Alien Outrun v1 Windows

To start off, your game is very challenging of using tactical shooting with the gameplay feel of the 1980s with the neon graphics and synthesizer music. The only problem that I run into was the controls. I noticed that when pressing start you have to press the space bar to which does not respond. Maybe change it to enter key for starting the game. Also, for example change the control for example if the player have both the mouse and keyboard for the PC then have the mouse solely control the movement along with keeping the fire button on the left mouse button and shield on the right mouse button. If the player have both then have the arrows key for movement while also have the fire and shield on the mouse button. But if the player do not have mouse then have the fire button for the space bar and shield on the left shift key. My last suggestion is to have the gun move at the same time you move the character. For example if you move left the gun moves left and the same with moving right, up and down. I hope these suggestions help your game.

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