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Experience the horror and senselessness of war. The enemy constantly hidden in the fog ready to pounce. Fatigue and shellshock distorting your movement and ability. The stress of uncertainty and adrenaline of chase followed by attack. Here, salvation is the blinding epileptic bombardment of the battlefield. Full version for MAC (Intel), compacted in zip.

1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg - MAC version
DoctorTerror - - 24 comments

I'm downloading it, lets see if it works well :D

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DoctorTerror - - 24 comments

I can't see the difference between fastest and fantastic but appart from that the game is very cool! I got scared the sit out of me when I turned back and see that robotic dinosaur XD. Awesome!

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Guest - - 692,452 comments

um just to ask what is this game about like why is there robot dinos runing around and such i like it but im really confused also can i kill dem dinos

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RaptorJesusGames - - 132 comments


This is a really deep horror game about the senselessness of war. The dinosaurs subtract a little bit from the realism, but it still provides a lot of emotion. And no, you can't kill the dinosaurs, this is a fricking horror game.

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