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WazoGaming Dev Team

This is the Team of people working on a new Racing Game for PC. The game Beta is to be released late 2016 (Not official). The game will not be fully released however until 2017/18. We aim to create a new PC game that no one else has made before. We want it to be interactive, look half good (Not spectacular and there is a reason to this) and make the player want to come back and give it another go.

Why don't we want it to look spectacular?

All games these days (As of when this was written) such as FarCry, Grand Theft Auto, Fallout etc have got amazing graphics. Superb in fact. However one thing they have a lot of (Especially GTA) is Bugs. That's because the developers concentrate more on how the game looks rather than how it runs. Plus some of the Engines suck. So we want our game to be Bug FREE all the time. So yes, expect the game to look like it's from the 2000's, let's call it a "Classic Looking" game! If you think this is a bad idea then maybe you should ask yourself... are you a real gamer? Gamers don't or shouldn't care about the graphics, it's the gameplay that counts and the storyline. Hell I'm a YouTuber, I'd play Doom 1 in a heartbeat!

What's going into the game?

A lot of amazing features. In the Beta we aim to have 1 big map consisting of 4 tracks and 2 cars. There will be AI in the game and we won't be making it to easy to win! So all you Racing Game fanatics need to give the game a go! The cars in the Beta will be, an Audi TT Suited up and ready to race and a Volkswagen Golf also Suited up! Plus to top it all off were adding some weather effects, sounds and some interactive voice overs to keep the player(s) involved!

Join the Team!

To join please Email me or Message me through the Message System on this site. To join you must know a little code (Not much), basic design skills and (if your not in the UK) have Skype or at least a messaging service other than this site! Additional Information will be given upon applying.

I hope I see you soon keep checking for the Beta!


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