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When you take great developers and connect them directly to gamers, great things happen. Fun happens.

To deliver the best games you need passionate and talented game designers, programmers and artists who are obsessed with crafting great experiences.

Today’s game making landscape allows for unprecedented communication and feedback between you, the gamer and us, the developers. We listen to you on Facebook and Twitter. We engage with you on forums. We work tirelessly to measure game quality, and if broken… fix it quickly.

Regardless of device or platform, Tuque Games is synonymous with hardcore gaming fun for the hardcore gamer. The gamer who spends his rent money on new games. The gamer who engages with games on a level only other hardcore gamers can understand.

Available on PC and consoles, Tuque brings you amazing games, seamlessly. They remind you that your favourite activity – gaming – is the ultimate form of entertainment, interactive or otherwise.

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Third Person Shooter

Livelock is a cooperative top-down shooter where you and up to two others must work together to break the cycle of infinite war between machines. As one...

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