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IndieBox Releases Collector’s Edition of FORCED


We’re excited to announce that our third IndieBox is FORCED by BetaDwarf. It’s a real fun four-player tactical arena co-op with some clever puzzle mechanics. Definitely harkens back to games like Gauntlet. It’s a great game and we’re proud to have it join the IndieBox Family.Included in this month’s box is all of the following:

  • Cover Art by Jarrod Pope
  • Custom USB Game Cartridge for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux
  • Steam Key
  • 24-page Color Manual
  • Original CD Soundtrack
  • Additional Bonus Track by Video Game and Chiptune Remixer Ben Briggs
  • 11”x17” Poster
  • 2 out of 4 Possible Character Nickel-plated Collector’s Pins
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Rogue Legacy Sticker
  • Digital Copy of July’s Indie Game Magazine
  • Digital copy of FORCED’s strategy guide
  • The Art of FORCED Digital Art Book
  • FORCED Desktop Wallpapers
  • Demo of Whispering Willows
  • FORCED Themed Vinyl IndieBox sticker

You can pick up a box for yourself over at our Shopify store now!

We're also very pleased to announce that Freedom Planet is the winner of our July "Game to Watch" award! Freedom Planet is a combat-based platform adventure that pits a spunky dragon girl and her friends against an alien attack force. It has a phenomenal art style and is non-stop action!

August IndieBox subscriptions sign-ups are open until July 31st. For more information, visit TheIndieBox.com and join the IndieBox community on Facebook at Facebook.com, and Twitter,Twitter.com.

June IndieBox Game, Creative Partners, and June "Game to Watch" Announced!


We are proud to announce that this month’s featured mystery game is Escape Goat 2, created by MagicalTimeBean and published by Double Fine Productions. Escape Goat 2 was one of 2013’s PAX10 winners and received the Director’s Choice Award at Indie Prize SF 2013. MagicalTimeBean has been an absolute pleasure to work with, so we feel honored to have them join Rain Games as a part of the IndieBox family!

Included in this month’s box is all of the following:

  • Cover art by Kailyn Boehm
  • Custom USB game cartridge for Windows, OS X, and Linux with Steam Key
  • 24-page full-color manual
  • Original CD soundtrack with bonus track by video game and chiptune guitarist Danimal Cannon
  • 11”x17” poster
  • Stained glass static cling decal
  • An official CubeeCraft Escape Goat 2 papercraft
  • Keychain the mouse companion
  • Discount with ShinyLoot.com, an indie game discovery site
  • Unreleased t-shirt contest sponsored by Threaded Gamer
  • Digital copy of July’s Indie Game Magazine

Don't have an IndieBox subscription but you'd still like to pick up an Escape Goat 2 box? Don't worry! Like our previous IndieBox game Teslagrad, you can pick up an individual Escape Goat 2 box from the IndieBox store while supplies last. Be careful though, supplies are limited and last month our Teslagrad supplies ran out in less than 36 hours!

Finally we are pleased to announce the winner of this month's winner of our June "Game to Watch": The Stomping Land. The Stomping Land is a survival multi-player game currently in alpha where hunt dinosaurs to survive!

May IndieBox Partners Announced!

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Check out our Partners for the May IndieBox!

Hi IndieBoxers! We've got some great partners to share with you about your May IndieBox. As always, our partners will ALWAYS be featured in a way that offers something awesome in your box, so rest assured, we are going to find the best stuff that you'll love!

If you are new to IndieBox, we are a subscription service that finds the best independent video games and create collector's edition boxes (yes, a REAL box) and delivers them to your door every month. We believe that holding the game, opening the box, and exploring the contents inside, is a lost art. We're packing every box with a full-color manual, USB game cartridge, soundtrack CD, game poster, collectible buttons, and more.

Let's get to those awesome partners we mentioned!

Free CRAWL Prototype!

Australian-based video game developer, Powerhoof, has provided exclusive access to the Game Jam prototype that inspired their upcoming game, CRAWL, in the May IndieBox. The game has recently gained the attention of the gaming community for their latest trailer, of which Kotaku.com calls “the best trailer of 2014”.

Soundtrack CD: BONUS TRACK!

Kubbi, the popular Norwegian chiptunes composer, has created an exclusive bonus track for the May Indiebox soundtrack CD that has been inspired by the games’ already incredible score. Kubbi is a regular contributor to popular compilations such as Chiptunes = WIN and has helped raise funding for individuals diagnosed with cancer through Chiptune + Charity.

Monthly Indie Awards!

And last, but certainly not least, IndieBox has also partnered with IndieDB.com to feature up-and-coming indie games in a monthly award showcase in the IndieBox. The recipients of these awards will be taken right here from IndieDB.com!

The May IndieBox is available for subscriptions until Friday, April 18th.
Get yours now at www.TheIndieBox.com!

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IndieBox is a monthly subscription based service geared towards providing a physical distribution for independent video games with retro-style collector’s edition packaging. The monthly games are purposefully kept a mystery to recapture the nostalgic luster of purchasing video games before the information age of the internet. The monthly IndieBox features original box art, full-color instruction manual, unique USB game cartridge with case, CD soundtrack, game poster, stickers, and more. Each game is Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible.