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Begun as a side project while dealing with life's myriad challenges, Templar Games is growing to become more than a hobby. We've been working on the background for an entire universe, trying to flesh out thousands of years of history.

The Present

Our current primary project is Unto the Breach, a retro-style RPG set on the moon of Terranis. A thousand years have passed since the world was nearly destroyed by a cataclysmic invasion, and though civilization has made great strides towards rebuilding, the Great Enemy still plagues humanity, and internecine warfare between the human nations continues unabated. Alex Girard and his friends get swept up into global politics, the culmination of centuries of events leading to an ultimate destiny for the world.

We're also working on a tie-in series of novels that flesh out the history of Terranis, from The Fall all the way to the "modern" era, a full thousand years of history. The first novel is at approximately 50,000 words so far. Additional story material can be found on the main website, and sometimes written on my personal blog at Allerka.blogspot.com.

The Future

We've got several more big projects planned to bring more of the "Templarverse" to life, so stick with us!

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Unto the Breach

Unto the Breach

Role Playing

A classic heart wrapped in modern gaming conventions. Enjoy an old-school RPG that uses gameplay elements of the modern era. Quest-tracking, randomly...

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