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An indie game company located in São Paulo, Brazil. It began operations in 2015 after the founders go through several other experiences in other projects and startups. The company’s goal is to develop original games with innovative features focusing on the world market.

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Rise of Keepers

Rise of Keepers

Tower Defense

Rise of Keepers (RoK) is a mix of the best Old School RPGs and Tower Defense. The idea behind RoK is to offer a new gameplay concept bringing together...

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Latest tweets from @samaritanstds

An amazing Rise of Keepers review by IGD Sunshine! Check it out Igdsunshinemag.com

Sep 4 2016

After 3 months of hard work the new RoK patch 0.14 (Alpha) is available! Ow.ly

Aug 27 2016

A new RoK patch is on its way for next week! The beta testers are finishing the Custom Challenges validation! #indiegame #rok #gamedev

Aug 25 2016

Explosive Updates! v0.12.0 (http://ow.ly/UMoJ3008qqZ) and v0.13.0 (http://ow.ly/BXCM3008qni) T.co

May 12 2016

Brand new Item! the Mystic Cape. Check it out! v0.11.0 - The Mystic Cape Update Goo.gl T.co

Apr 19 2016

New patch is out today. V0.10.0 - The Day and Night Cycle update Goo.gl T.co

Apr 9 2016

V0.9.0 - New Arthus Skills Ow.ly T.co

Mar 21 2016

New patch for Rise of Keepers is out! v0.8.0 - The Shop Update Goo.gl T.co

Mar 1 2016

v0.7.0 - The Barracks Update Ow.ly T.co

Jan 26 2016

New patch out today! In this update we are bringing The Teleporter, an important structure. Ow.ly T.co

Jan 8 2016