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QCF is a game development studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. We take pride in approaching almost everything from a game design perspective, meaning we can make pretty much anything fun. We openly aspire to be international rockstars and won’t rest until you can’t stop playing something with our names on it.

We’ve produced everything from pull-out boardgames for magazines to educational content for the World Bank Institute, mobile advergames and Xbox 360 proofs of concept. If you’d like to contact us, point your email clients toward info at QCFdesign.com or feel free to stalk us via Twitter below.

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Desktop Dungeons

Desktop Dungeons


A quick-play roguelike puzzle game that gives you roughly 10 minutes of dungeon-crawling action per serving. It straddles the casual and hardcore boundary...

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RT @dislekcia: May was the first month that nobody bought Desktop Dungeons direct from Desktopdungeons.net since we started selling in 2011.

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