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Everyone who wants to be a part of the team, you can send me a mail and tell me why you want to be in it. Also if you have things to show you can also link me that, so I can see were you are capable of. If you have a moddb page I will check it too.


1 - Modd: Felix's Nightmare 2 - The Death Of Stephano

Searching for people:

- Well level designers.
- Developers that know what they are doing.
- 3D Artist in a moddeling software that is able to export collada ( Won't be too nessecary ).
- Music composers / music allways welcome.

If you want to do more things then just one single of these tasks called above. It's allways fine.

Ofcourse we work as a team. If you are stuck in some parts of working on this cs. Just ask other members. Maybe they can help you.

2 - Game: (Unkown yet)

I started last week in building an own game. I started with building the main character so I could get an idea of I would be able to do alone. The character is although not ready yet. I didn't know it would be such a task moddeling a game character. I might can need some people for this. This project is going to be a bit more of an experience as a simple custom story. This game is coming from sketch. The game is not going to be something basics. The game is going to be set up in a 3D atmosphere that will be created in "Unity". If you're not sure if the unity engine will be worth it, I want you to check this page: Unity3d.com. I think theres a good opportunity withing the Unity engine to create something well.

More Details:

I've contacted the Unity community about it. I asked them if I would make a reasonable game may I publish it with a price on ( you might start to get an idea of what kind of project this is going to be ). They anwered with: Thanks for getting in touch with the support team. You can sell your game as you want. No matter if you use Free or Pro. However take into account: Unity3d.com.

So you might get interested already. In the fact that the most people in here are no pro developers (included me). I want to give this a try, if it's not for the final product it is of the game development experience you will gain. Although I can't tell yet how long this project wil be going to take. There will be alot of issues we will have to face. But I like to be open for challenges and try to fix them. The internet is also a good teacher now the day so we probably will come a far end with it.


You might be wondering in wat era the game will be played. I was thinking of the world as how we know it today. But I think I like the old fashion style more ( medieval ). For example this is made in the engine: Youtube.com.

The game will be played as a roll playing game ( rpg ). And only single player, or atleast still. Making it multiplayer makes it a lot more difficult to develop. The main character I wanted a bit to look like the demon hunter of Diablo 3, only a bit more weapon advanced and more cool character.

The game is going to be a hack and slash game although she would be able to shoot with crossbows.

Main Story Idea :

The concept story idea I made was a bit alike to the movie "Blade". The main character is going to be a girl that is half vampire half human. She will become half vampire because of her dad. Her dad wishes himself powers. And he will become vampire. As he doesn't try to do harm with it, he gets a daughter that will be 50/50. After her birt the dad went gone and evil took him over. The world will become dark and you need to stop your own father of taking over the world. Thats the main idea I had in mind.

People Needed:

Level Designer.
3D Artists, most likely maya moddelers.
Music composers / music / sound effects.

Voice actors.
Game testers.

We will create our world with the help of the "World Machine Engine".

If have any question, send them to:

My moddb profile,
To this group,

or send me a mail at:


With kindly regards,


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Heeya welcome ;)

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Hey there :)

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