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We are a multicultural team, who are looking to develop games that are different. Games are the future of story-telling and allows new ways to explore the human psyche and thus we are willing to go where other Game Companies/Studios are afraid to go. Nameless was formed, to bring you the next generation of games which are unique, breath taking, exhilarating and heart pounding. We want to bring you games which will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you thinking even after you stop.
If you want to join us email us at:

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5 highly trained veterans belonging to a mercenary corporation known as Raven crash land on an island where evolution seems to have taken a different...

Nodzi - - 5 comments

Hey there, I would like to apply for the music job for your new mmofps. The only problem is that your email doesn't work, so here goes.

My name is Claris Richter and I am 16 years old. Recently I saw your need for a music artist on indiedb. I can create custom music for you guys that only you will ever have! Unless of course you want to redistribute it yourselves.

These are some of my qualities:

I have a passion for music.
I also have a passion for game development.
Reading the story or concepts gives me inspiration to make music etc.

Please send me a yay or nay whether you would need me and if so, please send me details of the job etc.


Claris Richter

Here are some of my music I made so far!

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Hrstar Creator
Hrstar - - 2 comments

To All Sound Artists Raven along with Revolution have been paused for the time being.

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