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We always wanted to make games. At some point we got together to make a game for Ludum Dare 30. We made what became a prototype for Galacto's Intolerant - a game that later became known as Galacto's Intolerant. The very same year, due to a trademark dispute, we had to change the name of our game to Galacto's Intolerant. However, the team found it hard to cope with that title and after much deliberation and compromise we settled on Galacto's Intolerant. Only a few months later we reached the final title for our game, the one that it is now known by today – Galacto's Intolerant.

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Galacto's Intolerant

Galacto's Intolerant


Galacto's Intolerant is a game about an empress who's taken the Solar Challenge: in an attempt to be liked by her followers on meTEOR social network she...