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We are working on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL Total Conversion addons since May, 2007 .

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I'm trying to install ingamecc and russian voices in Lost Alpha, but when I do I can't start a game or load it, it gets stuck on synchronizing game resources.

Any idea on how to fix that?

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Please, I need Arsenal Overhaul for Lost Alpha where do I get it?

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I have a big problem, I can't reload weapons (I have ammo) so I can't play the game.... (running around with a knife is not a good idea). I can only use weapons that are already loaded.

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Wait, solved it sorry. (I was wondering why are there so many belt slots)

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Hello dez0wave i have a question about the STALKER Lost Alpha mod. When i dl it for some reason it doesn't let me full extract the game. it gets to about 50% then says i need to fine a new volume. Does this game need to be down loaded on to stalker soc or is its own game?

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dezodor Creator

its a new game, and its packed in 4 parts. you need to download all to a dir, open the 1st part in winrar or 7z zip and it will slowly unpack all 4parts. Then run setup, after its done (again, long process) you need to get the 1.3003 patch aswell, and install it on top of LA.

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Hello guys first of all i really apreciate this game you have brought us. I love it but after downloading the latest patch i get this error; cannot open file "fsgame.ltx" check your working folder. Please i have tried evrything and i cannot get this error fixed i tried evrything online. I would love to go back stalking with a patched game

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So guys i know you´ve got the same problem. So again.
After meet the Doc. a new map is loading, but then the game crashes (can´t open video stream). What i´m suppose to do now?!
love this game

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So if you click on the gsc-link in my post from July 26 nothing happens? Perhapes you must log-in.

Here are the link once more...Solution are in the first post: Gsc-game.com

Edit: I´ve just checked the links after logging out and they are working just fine in both of my post.

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Gsc-game.com can´t find anything there

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While working on the next big update (ver. 1.4007), we are looking for talented new members for upcoming rpg and fps adventure games!

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