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Hi! We are international indie game developers from Ukraine and Russia.

Yaroslav Hetsko

3D Artist

Vladimir Zhelnov

Web-Programmer Cake is lie.

Andrey Kharitonov

Project manager, Programmer, Technical artist Guy, game developer and gamer. I’m part of Axyos Games team since its creation.

Sergey Solovyev


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Bike Rush

Bike Rush


Bike Rush is an action shooter race with rapid road gunplay. The whole game is like a scene from action movie. You can play in VR to get more realistic...

Neon Arena

Neon Arena


The year 2243. World War 3 has divided the world onto factions run by corporations. From now on, every conflict between the factions is resolved on the...

Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken

Third Person Shooter

May 2025. The Earth is attacked by extraterrestrial species. Their motives became clear just as they arrived - they wanted our chicken. All of it.



First Person Shooter

AXYOS is an experimental FPS being made for players by players! Inspired by giants of gaming industry, we made a decision to create our own game, which...

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Watch the Neko Hacker Plus trailer! Youtube.com #neko #anime #game #steam #waifu #cat #girl T.co

Jul 28 2021

We are releasing a new 18+ anime-style game this fall! Have a look and add to your wishlist!… T.co

Jul 10 2021

Releasing a new fun game about a Russian traffic cop on 4th of June! Add to wishlist! Store.steampowered.comT.co

Jun 1 2021

The new marketplace pack for Unreal Engine 4 is released by Axyos Games! Unrealengine.com

Apr 5 2018

Welcome our new shooter-style tactical card game! Coming on May-June 2018 ;) #Steam #game #cardgames #gamesT.co

Mar 28 2018

The Bike Rush is released today! Goo.gl #bike #rush #steam #SteamNewRelease #UnrealEngine #vrT.co

Oct 18 2017

The Bike Rush is on the way to release! Goo.gl #Steam #Bike #Game #Shooter #Action #Race #Steamn T.co

Oct 12 2017

Hello everyone! To those who's looking for AXYOS updates, you shouldn't expect it soon. Likely we'll remake it on the new UE4 engine later!

Apr 19 2017

Neon Arena is released on #Steam! Goo.gl #SteamNewRelease #VR #Steamkey Free key K7YEG-CXY9P-3I0QL T.co

Feb 24 2017

Let's fight on the Neon Arena! Goo.gl 40% OFF on #Steam store! Free key 3KFV6-X9WPC-4FD48 #SteamKey #SteamNewRelease #VR

Dec 5 2016