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By the end of 2005, Philippe THIBAUT (designer of historical videogames Europa Universalis, Pax Romana and Great Invasions) and Philippe MALACHER (AGE engine creator) have gathered their know-how and founded the AGEOD company (AGE Online Distribution). AGEOD main goal is offering to players original cultural and gaming creations developped by small independent studios and producers that have trouble finding an outlet within the traditional organization of the market. Since 2006 we distribute our own games (Birth of America, American Civil War and Napoleon's Campaigns) and some partner titles (War Wound, Wicked Defense and Montjoie!), and we shall soon offer new games, as we have no set mind or exclusive about the type of games we can propose, as long as the cultural aspect and the gaming interest is there in force, along with a proven gameplay.

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Adaptive Game Engine (AGE)

Adaptive Game Engine (AGE)

Proprietary licence

For its own titles, AGEOD created and further develops the Adaptive Game Engine (AGE), a generic platform for turn-based strategy games, that is expandable...

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Rise of Prussia

Rise of Prussia

Grand Strategy

Rise of Prussia is the latest release from AGEOD, and is a follow-up to their successful historical strategy games Birth of America, American Civil War...

Pride of Nations

Pride of Nations

Grand Strategy

Pride of Nations is a turn-based historical strategy game set in the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country and...

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The first DLC of Unity of Command is available on Ageod.com

Dec 26 2012

The AGEOD Holiday Sale is starting on Monday December 10th and will last till January 6th, 2013. You can buy most of our titles with 35% off

Dec 9 2012

The Spartacus Revolt (73 BC) scenario is now available as a separate DLC for our latest game, Alea Jacta Est. Ageod.com

Oct 19 2012

The demo is available : Aleajactaest-game.com

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ATTENTION: Last hours to preorder Alea Jacta Est ! PREORDERS STOP TONIGHT AT 12:00 PM GMT !

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Two other tutorials incoming. Goo.gl

Sep 4 2012

Our friend and fan Charlesonmission has created two nice videos for the game. Fb.me

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Order #500 is nearing in Ageod’s lottery, a few more days and one of you may become a winner again…

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