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A reskin for the Butterfly Knife that encourages players to backstab by rewarding them with a smiling Konata upon successful infiltration. Designed for Lucky Star fans, japanophiles, and n00bspies. Remember: only you can prevent facestabs!

The Konata Knife
leilei - - 5,721 comments

You just ruined the knife :(

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Techercizer Author
Techercizer - - 478 comments

If you don't like it, don't download it. I happen to enjoy using it and put it up in case someone felt the same.

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ghostings - - 1,216 comments

Why is that when it comes to addons, they usually have lower ratings than the mods?

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leilei - - 5,721 comments

Because most addons that get uploaded are poor ones. Recolors, mspaint jobs, and copypasta jobs (like this one which just copies from two art sources into one to make an illegally relicsened Public Domain skin further proving otaku knows no boundaries on ignorance on copyright law)

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Doommarine23 - - 653 comments

I'll say this though; I don't care for this skin :(

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Techercizer Author
Techercizer - - 478 comments

Well thank you for politely stating your negative opinion in an honest and non-inflammatory manner.

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Red_Hawk - - 1,591 comments

well, this is nice for me, it's very simple and good

but i still don't get it, why did you guys hate it? if you don't like it, then don't comment here, just ignore it!

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Awesome_ninja - - 809 comments


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Spiffy664 - - 49 comments

People shouldn't ever. Ever.

had to.

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