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A few more skins of original Strangereal aces. Two on request, one by me.

Strangereal Untold Stories part 2
laZardo - - 21 comments

Oh gee, I wonder who Mr. Shinin is based off of. XD

Also, I'm curious as to what your pilot might have been doing during the war against Osea fifteen years after?

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John_Silver Author
John_Silver - - 336 comments

Why, he was investigating the mysterious disappearance of the head of the state, along with few other high officers in Yuktobanan military. You don't rally believe that one secret service major, an ex-POW and a few rebels could figure out a government conspiracy all by themselves, right?

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laZardo - - 21 comments

True dat. Maybe I could chronicle his adventures or something. :D

Also wouldn't the Major be more like GRU rather than KGB/FSB?

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