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Have a go at my custom story "Solid Sacrifice" and like always let me know of any bugs, errors, suggestions, whatever that you can think of. This is my first release but I'm definetly planning on continuing this storyline with chapter 2. There are 3 different maps in total, the second one "western hallway" was the first map that I made and I think it shows.. ;)

Solid Sacrifice chapter 1
Bogdan2309 - - 7 comments

Maybe not have bug...good job!

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Forgotten_sands - - 68 comments

Justine required or not ?

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ArkhamGaming Author
ArkhamGaming - - 1 comments

Justine required!

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stephanyleroux - - 4 comments

I hope i never run into that thing in the preview image... but I'm liking it so far. It's actually got a good developed story... for once. Not a lot of custom stories do. Well at least the ones that i've played.

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FantasyGames - - 4 comments

that thing is alexanders portrait if looking at it with low sanity. ;P

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