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When was the last time you went clubbing...and took your best boomstick? Club Shub was a cute little qc mod made in a day as a christmas present in 96. Check your guns at the door - you might be low on ammo! Includes the original clubshub.zip so you can watch the monsters rock out in a "true" club atmosphere.

Shub-Niggurath Nightclub remix
numbersix Author

Size warning - this map is heavy, weighing in at 37MB. Take note of this if you have a slow connection, its all the heavy graphics and the 6 song music mix. Also more than likely this map will only load on darkplaces and other new engines...I can not get vanilla glquake to load it. I even had to recompile hmap2 to compile the map. Check the included text file for notes on all the map goodies - when you run around and collect stuff the extra club effects get turned on (and maybe even off.) There is also a hint on getting into the dj booth - though there is a DM spawn point in there you can teleport in via shootable trigger.

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I know this was put up awhile ago, but If you're still around would you mind dropping me the track list for Club Shub?

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I know this request was put up awhile ago, but if you're still around hereĀ“s the track list for Club Shub. :)
1 Title: Omnis Mundi Creatura
Artist: Helium Vola
2 Title: Voodoo Child
Artist: Rogue Traders
3 Title: Acid Rock
Artist: Various Artists
4 Title: Summer Of Hate
Artist: Chemlab
5 Title: Tangiers
Artist: John Powell
6 Title: Breakaway
Artist: Big Pig

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Thanks! I'm that guy,sorry for taking so long to come back lol.

After all these years I finally know the title of Omnis Mundi Creatura.

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