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Alexander Bruce (Demruth) November 02, 2007 Pre-release About =========================== Isolated is a set of advanced puzzles for Roboblitz. It was built to take some of the concepts found within Roboblitz, such as it's inventory of physics based weaponry, and use them in ways not witnessed within the game itself. This is for those who love puzzles, and should not be taken lightly. You're on your own in this one. This is not the final version. All puzzles are implemented and working, though the start / end sequences and the overall objective were not yet implemented. For an updated version, visit and follow the link in the first update. For feedback and suggestions, contact me at Installation =========================== To install, open the archive and drag the Maps and Packages folders into your RoboBlitz\RoboGame\Content directory. Execution =========================== Create a shortcut to \RoboBlitz\Binaries\RoboLaunch.exe In the shortcut properties,...

Roboblitz Isolated
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