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NOTE: By "Normal Maps ONLY" I mean this soundtrack (for being a huge file) ONLY replaces songs that are maps not of the Holiday (MoonBase for an example) or Bedlam/Aperture. Some normal maps for example are Farm, WestLondon, Departed, and Offices. (ALL RIGHTS ARE FOR SIMON VIKLUND; ARTISTS OF ALL SONGS USED)

PAYDAY: The Heist Soundtrack Mod(Normal Maps ONLY)
Mateos - - 501 comments

"So I decided to distribute this so people doesn't need to buy it :D"

I think Metal fits perfectly the KF atmosphere, PD is more about strategical money robbing :/


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Fr0stbites Author
Fr0stbites - - 2 comments

I won't argue, metal fits many things and PD is more about money robbing as said by you. Thing is, I get bored easily of one thing for a very long while, I like to keep things fresh (without breaking anything). I appreciate your feedback however, and plus I haven't really thought that first thing you said there for people not needing to buy it. Makes me have some second thoughts about this just for whatever trouble could be caused.

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