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This is an epic journey to a place called Sweedland. You will cross many mazes, passageways, sea's, and now thanks to 1.8 Sweedland will be even more epic then before. The view distance is not as far although, and you might want to play on Fast, so that your screen will load areas farther away in order to see where you have to go next. Must READ: Sorry I did not explain to anyone but at the beginning there is a boat house directly across the lake that the signs lead you to. In 1.7 when I made the map the view distance would go farther. The map does not end at the pyramid, there's a good chance that may not even be halfway. Please, don't vote down if you can't beat it, I made it to be hard, and if you guys can't do it, you can not possibly have a realistic opinion on whether it was bad or good. Just please don't rate before beating it, because it seems to me that is what you people are doing, I would say its a 5-6 range, below that seems unreasonable.

One Epic Journey
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My YouTube is at revenge9026xbox, go check it out, obviously my content is better than this, I don't think I want to be a mapper.. lol.

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