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So here is the moddb page of the map. it took very long to work for the map and im hoping you´r enjoy the campaign. How to install? well thats easy, unzip/unrar the file than copy the folder and paste it to your cry of fear folder in (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cry of Fear) overwrite all files it will not make damage to your game, it only adds the custom campaign. I´m now working on a new map but yet i´ll make it much better and without the enoying bugs. I´m post a topic at the official cry of fear forum from the new map you can check it out at "cry-of-fear-forum->cry of fear->cry of fear customization. Please check it out ;). The music was self made, the cutscene was recorded by me. All of the map was self made and im happy to publish the finish map. My new project of cry of fear mapping is much better in details, atmosphere, no bugs and more gameplay, the story of the new map is much better to understand. Have much fun!

[OFFICIAL] Cry of fear - F*cked dreams 1.0
username372 - - 44 comments

After room, where you take hammer... I think, it should be cutscene, but there is only "white screen", and i nothing can do in this situation... (Sorry for my possible bad English..)

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marine_harrison - - 8 comments

Many bugs in cutscenes. Especially one standing figure of the sawyer in one level, and it's possible to go through him. I stuck in level, where it's long corridor with metal grilles. I can't finish this level, because it's not possible to go through and nothing happens. Reloading level doesn't help.

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EmreTR10 - - 2 comments

hey dude i played your map its nice work but you need to learn sooo much i Just liked the alley part with the police officer It would be nice if you could make a new map with police officer you know but still nice work

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Guest - - 692,587 comments

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Loulimi - - 356 comments

Can you remove Mapping-Fusion from being linked as a related group?

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