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With the infestation spreading throughout England and possibly beyond, desperate measures have to be taken. A nuclear strike has been approved! After leaving London it was clear we were never going to get clear and crash landed by an old bunker. It is our last chance of survival. Get to the bunker quickly the nukes should blow any time now! Hopefully the bunker is clear of zombie infestation or God save us all.... Extra Information: Get to the bunker as quickly as possible! The area around the bunker is overrun! The nukes are expected to wipe out all zombies in the area but any infestation in the bunker will need to be dealt with by you.


The archive contains two maps. KF-BunkerI-V1 is a standard KF map, very nicely done aside from the fact that zeds frequently get stuck in spawns. KF-BunkerO-V1 is not a standard KF map, I ended up removing it from my server when I realized this.

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