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Okay, So this is pretty much the same map as i uploaded before.. But, it has a few cool things added. First i added a viewpoint to The Void, I have a tower under construction (im to lazy to finish it :) ) And, i have added... ... .... ..... Diamond Blocks!!.. But, you need to find them first. It doese not take a genious to find it but i thought it mught be fun ;) Remeber.. X marks the spot. I will try to post more like this in the future.

My Castle V2.
KristianLar Author
KristianLar - - 111 comments

By the way this is the same image as before.
In the new version a viewpoint to th void is added right outisde.

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lol1234 - - 1,765 comments

Is the X marked by obsidian/lava perchance?

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KristianLar Author
KristianLar - - 111 comments

I can tell you this, It a solid block, no liquid like water or lava.
And as i have said about the obsidian, It is obsidian outside my castle because if you want to go the nether you got easy access to obsidian.
So i dont use obsidian for the X, no.

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xXMaNiAcXx - - 4,807 comments

What's the texture pack?

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KristianLar Author
KristianLar - - 111 comments

I use the Visibility texture pack by Thinkr.
You can find it under the addons section in minecraft addons

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Thinkr - - 3 comments

haha yeah, I just saw the screenshot.

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irtimusta - - 1 comments

green x on the wall of the castle near the exit

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confused&curios - - 3 comments

hey if i hit the download button can i go on that castle. if so tell me how to do it

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