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This map has already been posted in my 'Lamecraft Maps' group. I wanted to just also put the map here. In my group, we are posting this map along with the other 3 CoD:WaW zombies maps into a map pack. Please take a look at my group, and tell me what you think of this map. THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE, BECAUSE IM THE ONE WHO IS POSTING IT AGAIN. I JUST DIDN'T KNOW THAT YOU COULD UPLOAD IT TO TWO DIFFERENT PLACES. SORRY!

MultiCraft maps_ Verrückt
guahanboi - - 86 comments

Not that I don't like these maps you guys put out, but every time I see a update from multicraft, I'm hoping for an official update. Crafting, mobs, ect.

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RedPanzershrek - - 268 comments

I got to be honest, its not great, just good. Man leave the Nazi Zombies maps to me okay?
Thats my stuff you now? Anyways, im am also releasing that map, but in my map pack with (Nacht Der Untoten, Shi No Numa, Verruckt, and Der Riese) called Nazi Zombies Map Pack 1. Then Map Pack 2 will come.
Cousinmuscles, you are my friend so I decided to vote it a 10, but just leave this kind of maps to me next time OK?

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$H@D()W - - 321 comments

people can post what they want, this is for the community, you dont have to be the only one making maps.

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RedPanzershrek - - 268 comments

Sorry for that, my mistake for being too harsh, but I will give him some few tutorials so next time he can showoff and do the carisma for me and he gets some fans. Actually he is my motivator to make maps, so I accept being downed after being mean and harsh to him fter he was the reason I make maps.
Cousinmuscles...im sorry man.

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Grindle - - 389 comments

That's kinda harsh >.<
He spent valuable time on this and all you say is that your better?
If I got a quarter for every sentence relating to how he should leave it to you, I would have at least $1.25

Not to be in your business and i'm not a mod, but hey take it easy, I am sure that he would want positive remarks on his Nazi Zombies map that he made, and it's not your job to create these,
countless have been created before!
So yeah...

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RedPanzershrek - - 268 comments

Ok man, and I accept being downed, I was being honest, I always am.
I will be giving him some tutorials, and next time I will be honest , so I will have no choice but to say his map is incredible and a piece of art.
Still even if I was harsh on the comment, I voted for him with a perfect 10, because he has lots of potential and I dont want him to quit, if not to make cool stuff for all of us to enjoy.
I am a showoff of course, but I am no jerk and I got something to say.........IM SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! PLZ!

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Cousinmuscles Author
Cousinmuscles - - 155 comments

I forgive you! (Remember that scene from the Nacho Libre movie with the fat lady? lol)

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RedPanzershrek - - 268 comments

The one that acted like a giant fat mouse...Hell yes I remember!
That was funny, and kind off disturbing...but mostly funny!

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