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Late update for this, hey to all you people that see this while visiting my profile :)

If you know about Halo Revamped, Mexicouger's project from a year ago, or more, I have been doing a mod for it, thats mainly model and re-animatng mods, I released three version for it. This is for the people who want Halo psp, and the people that are pissed off from Augustine going to psp only :P

Links to videos:
Rev 1: Youtube.com
Whats in it: Model changes to the Augustine models, even the battle rifle
Rev 2: Youtube.com
Change Log:
-needler replaced with plasma rifle
-new 3rd person models
Rev 3: Youtube.com
Change Log:
-Sniper model changed to a model i animated myself
-Pistol changed to a Battle Rifle, that I also animated
-Put needler back in, and re-animated the "take-out" and reload animations
-new eboot
Theres are also two patched for Rev 3
-one that puts in the right needler projectiles
-one that has a present instead of an oddball (for Christmas), a carbine, including a 3rd person weapon model, instead of a battle rifle, and a chaingun 3rd person weapon model for the smg

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SH@D()W, I love your augustine mods :D

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$H@D()W Creator

thanks, but i didn't make them, mexicouger's team did, i just switch up the frames so they go with the psp version

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